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Northwest Wine Services (dba for Railex Wine Services LLC) is a temperature controlled bonded wine storage and distribution facility located in Wallula, Washington.  Our recently expanded 760,000 sq. ft. facility offers 55 degree wine storage, direct to consumer shipping, bottle and case labeling, club packs, import and export services and transportation consolidation options.  Our dedicated sales and operations teams are experts in wine logistics and provide added value to our customers.

As the largest wine storage and distribution facility in the Pacific Northwest, Northwest Wine Services has storage capacity for 7 million cases of wine and we currently ship to distributors nationwide.

Our Services


Our 760,000 square foot building constructed in 2013 and enlarged in 2017, is situated on 64 acres in the Dodd Rd Industrial Park 15 miles east of the Tri-Cities in eastern Washington. Our facility was built with the latest construction technology and is specifically designed to store, ship and receive wine case goods.  With 38 truck doors and 5 rail doors, this rail served distribution center has the capacity to easily handle high volume traffic both truck and rail.  The facility and grounds are fully monitored by over 70 cameras in conjunction with a proximity card entry program as well as a sophisticated infrared security system.

Both temperature and humidity levels are controlled and monitored to meet the highest degree of industry standards with a constant focus on energy efficiency

Value Added Services 

We offer a variety of value-added services all performed in a temperature controlled environment.

  • Bottle Labeling
  • Case Labeling
  • Club Packs
  • Import and Export Services
  • Export Compliance
  • Consolidation Services
  • Direct to consumer shipping


Our in-house transportation team coordinates pick-up, delivery, importing and exporting either by truck, container or rail.  The Union Pacific Railroad is currently constructing a large intermodal yard adjacent to our property which is planned to open in June of 2019.  At that time we envision adding an intermodal option for transportation to the existing truck and rail opportunities.

Our transportation portfolio utilizes both asset and broker based truck lines for pick-up and deliveries nationwide.  

Our Team

Tory Brown

Director of Operations 

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Jen Larson

Manager Sales/Administration 

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Ken Aker

Director of Value Added Services 

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Tom Rausch

Transportation Manager 

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Jim Kleist  

Senior Vice President   

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Pat Bruno

Executive Vice President 

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